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Emergency Neurological Life Support

What to do in the first critical hour of a neurological emergency

ENLS was created by members of the Neurocritical Care Society in cooperation with leaders from Emergency Medicine..

The goals of ENLS are several:

  • Improve the care of patients with neurological emergencies
  • To provide a set of topics/protocols that list important steps to be considered when a medical professional is managing a potential neurological emergency
  • Attempt to standardize emergency neurological care by concensus
  • Provide education to anyone dealing with neurological emergencies
  • Identify areas where research is needed to improve the care of our patients.


ENLS was created by volunteer effort and improved by feedback. Use of ENLS is intended for all medical professionals and is provided on-line free of charge. We ask that you provide feedback to any part of ENLS by using the "feedback" button. These comments are useful to the topic co-chairs who are charged with authoring and maintaining these protocols. It is our hope that making these protocols public domain will lead to wider, and faster, adoption of treatments for these complex patients, and build international concensus.

Remember, these topics are simply practical guides that should not dictate care in any particular patient. Use your clinical judgement;

ENLS was created by collaborative efforts of many individuals.

Wade Smith, MD, PhD
Scott Weingart, MD
Topic Co-chairs:

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